Last year, I was asked by CLAIR to write an article about my experiences on the JET Programme and the influence the JET Programme had on my post-JET life for the JET Plaza section their publication, CLAIR Forum.

I talk about my 10 year journey as an animation school dropout who went on JET in 2002 to an illustrator/comic book artist returning to Japan in 2012 to exhibit at the International Manga Festival.

If you’d like to read the article, the PDF can be download here (the English version is on the 3rd page).

Or you can read/download the whole June issue of CLAIR Forum from the CLAIR Forum homepage (Japanese).

CLAIR Forum June 2013

Here’s a link to all the JET Plaza articles on the JET Programme website (English).

Hand Towel

Nijikai: Hand Towel

Even though Life After the B.O.E. ended almost two years ago, sometimes I come across a friend’s status update that needs to be made in to a comic!

Thanks for posting this hilarious status update, Thomas!

Graduation Season

Sakura, Castle Hirosaki

My friends who are currently on JET are posting about their students’ graduations on Facebook.

This made me realize that the students who were in 4th grade during my final term on JET are graduating high school this month.

I hope that they are all doing well.


Gonna go listen to some graduation/sakura themed songs now…

Kaigai Manga Festa

The Kaigai Manga Festa was a great success! Sold a few copies of Life After the B.O.E. gave away copies of Torja Magazine and met some fantastic people!

TCAF Booth

Didn’t have too much time to check out Comitia (the Festa was running concurrent to Comitia), but what I saw blew my mind. So much talent, and so much awesome manga! Seeing all that awesomeness makes me want to work even harder and make more comics.

Can’t wait until next year!

Life After the B.O.E. in Japan!

I’m heading to Japan in November to participate in a number of comic-arts related events as part of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival Japan 2012 Exhibition!


Kaigai Manga Festa

Tokyo Big Sight, November 18

I’ll be part of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival booth at the Kaigai Manga Festa, which is being held at the Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba, selling copies of “Life After the B.O.E the Book” and handing out copies of Torja Magazine where I have a monthly comic.

Drop by the booth to say hi and purchase a copy of  “Life After the B.O.E the Book“!


En Masse in Tokyo

Shibuya, Design Festa Gallery West (Rm 1-D), November 13 ~ 15

Presented by the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, I’ll be participating in En Masse‘s large-scale, collaborative drawing.

Come see me draw on the 13th!


Canada Comic Arts

Shibuya, Shibuya Parco Part One B1F, November 15 ~ December 2

Presented by the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, “Life After the B.O.E. the Book” will be on sale  at the exhibit.


See you all in Tokyo!

10 Years

Ajigasawa-machi, Aomori-ken, Japan

I can’t believe 10 years have passed since I stepped off the plane at Narita and began my life-changing, two-year adventure in Aomori-ken as a JET.

I’m grateful for all the lasting friendships, memories, and the laughter.

And as my former elementary school students start entering their twenties, I sometimes wonder what they are doing. Wherever they are, and whatever they are doing, I wish them all the best.


Amazon UK

To fans of “Life After the B.O.E.” in the UK who’ve yet to order the book, it’s now available at Amazon UK!

Life After the B.O.E. the Book

Pre-Departure Orientation Toronto 2012

This weekend is the pre-departure orientation for new JETs leaving from Toronto.

I remember vividly my own pre-departure orientation back in 2002, and how much fun I had. It’s crazy that 10 years have passed since I was a newbie.

As is the tradition, a pub night was held today after the first day of orientation so that new JETs, alumni, as well as Japanese people can mingle and chat.

Met a lot of cool new JETs tonight. Got to share some of my stories from my time as a JET with the new JETs, and I can’t wait to hear their stories once they come back in a few years.

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