The Toronto Comic Art Festival (TCAF) is this weekend (May 5th and 6th)

I’ll be at table 122 with my buddy Josh selling books!

If you want to pick up an autographed copy of “Life After the B.O.E. the Book”, here’s your chance!

Hope to see you all there (^_^)

Book Launch Report

The “Life After the B.O.E. the Book” book launch event went amazingly, thanks to the incredible support and organizational skills of JETAA Toronto. Without the support of JETAA Toronto, this event just wouldn’t have been possible! Thank you so much!

Special thanks to Goodfellas Gallery for providing an awesome space to hold the event!

The turnout was fantastic! Thanks to everyone who made it, and all the encouraging messages from those who couldn’t make it that day!

Life After the B.O.E. the Book book launch February 7th, 2012
Photo courtesy of Nadine Bukhman (JETAA Toronto)

Book Launch!

Life After the B.O.E. the Book
There’s gonna be a “Life After the B.O.E. the Book” launch party.

If you’re in Toronto, drop by and say hi (^_^)/

Date: Tuesday, February 7th 

Time: 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Location: Goodfellas Gallery, 1266 Queen Street West, just off of Noble Street. Parking and entrance located at the north end of the building. See map.

Cost: Free entry! Book $15. Special get-your-friend-a-copy event price: 2 for $28, 3 for $40.

RSVP: Nadine,

Final Sneak Peak

Hello, what’s this? What could be inside? Hmm…

Why, it’s the proof for Life After the B.O.E. the Book!

Let’s take a look inside… not bad…

…not bad at all!

Life After the B.O.E. the Book. On sale next week. Links to online stores will be posted.

Sneak Peak #4

Why is this ALT screaming?

Find out in Life After the B.O.E. the Book! Coming very very soon!

Hint: It’s something most of us did 😉

Sneak Peak #3

Here’s a panel from a brand new comic, just for Life After the B.O.E. the Book.

Sneak Peak #3

What will archeologists in the distant future discover about the JET Programme? Find out in Life After the B.O.E. the Book, coming soon!

Sneak Peak #1

A number of the older Life After the B.O.E. comics are being redone for the book.

The 3rd comic, Gaijin, is one of those comics.

Here’s an image comparing the original to the book version:

Sneak Peak #1

Come back soon for more sneak peaks!

Hey, What Happened to the Comic?

Hi everyone!

Don’t worry, all the comics are still here. Just click on the “Read the Comics” link on the top menu, or use the “Previous Comics” drop-down menu on the left side.

The reason for moving the comics off the front page is so that I can post updates to the book and give you guys sneak peaks without having to scroll to the bottom of the page.

Speaking of updates and sneak peaks, I’ll be posting one on Monday, August 22nd!

Stay tuned!


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