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Ten years ago today, after working two years as a CIR in Ajigasawa, Aomori, I came home to Canada. My time on the JET Programme was great, but my time as a JET alumnus has been just as fun, and I’m grateful for the incredible time I’ve had hanging out in-person and online with JETs and JET alumni from around the world over the past decade – thanks everyone!

So, what have I been up to recently, other than reminiscing? Well, I illustrated the banner image for the Jet Coaster, a fabulous new site by my friend and 5th-year ALT, Allen Bo Agunday that features stories, podcasts, tips and tricks to make the most of your life on JET. Check it out!

the jet coaster


Updating Old Comics

Some of you may have noticed already, but I’ve started to replace the older comics on the site with the version that appears in the graphic novel.

Original vs Graphi Novel Version

Why am I doing this?

The comics from the first two years are significantly rougher than the later comics. They look as though they were drawn by a different person. And you could say that they were – I was a very different artist at the beginning of Life After the B.O.E.

When I made the graphic novel, Life After the B.O.E. the Book,  I redrew many of the older comics to polish them up and to reflect my improvement as an artist.

I left the web comics as is for the past three years, but I think it’s time that they, too, get updated.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be updating the remainder of the older comics.


Site Fixed, Need SleepThe site is pretty much fixed.


Now I need to get some sleep…

Site is Broken

Yup. The site is broken.

Probably be a few days before I can get things fixed up <fingers crossed>

Update: Sept. 2, 2013. 4:37 pm

The site is mostly back up and running.
The urls for pretty much everything has changed (T_T)
And you’ll probably see double of every comic…


Last year, I was asked by CLAIR to write an article about my experiences on the JET Programme and the influence the JET Programme had on my post-JET life for the JET Plaza section their publication, CLAIR Forum.

I talk about my 10 year journey as an animation school dropout who went on JET in 2002 to an illustrator/comic book artist returning to Japan in 2012 to exhibit at the International Manga Festival.

If you’d like to read the article, the PDF can be download here (the English version is on the 3rd page).

Or you can read/download the whole June issue of CLAIR Forum from the CLAIR Forum homepage (Japanese).

CLAIR Forum June 2013

Here’s a link to all the JET Plaza articles on the JET Programme website (English).

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